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Jan 7, 2004
Maheens stories

The Sharing Doll




There once was a doll named Katie. Everybody in the nursery liked her a lot, for she was an honest, helpful, sharing doll. She made delicious food and by the time everybody finished eating, all the food had vanished. So you can guess she was very likeable.



One night Katie got 50 bucks. Everybody asked for at least 5 dollars. But Jimmy, the greedy teddy bear, wanted the only 10 dollar bill. But the toys said Katie should have the 10 dollars and so Jimmy had 5 dollars too.



  The End



The Lovable Teddy Bear

Mary was a loveable teddy bear. She was loved by everybody in the nursery. But she was mostly loved by Julie the teddy bear.





Julie was her best friend. You could never see one bear without the other. They even had a club for girl toys. But Mary (the president), was so nice, that she let the boys come for tea sometimes.


The yummy food cooked by the girl cooks and boy chefs was positively delicious. Heaps of cookies, cakes, noodles, pasta and pizza came streaming down from the kitchen.



Fruit and popsicles for dessert were just what the toys wanted. They had been having so much fun, they forgot their worries and relaxed.





The End

The Golden Fairy



  There once was a toy fairy named Melissa. She was very kind to everyone in the nursery. She granted all their wishes, helped them, and cooked for them. There was yummy food and helpful toys all across the nursery but none like Melissa and nobodyís

food was more yummier than Melissaís.

She also sewed them beautiful dresses.

 As long as Melissa was there the toys lived happily ever after.  The End


The Toy Princess



There once was a beautiful toy princess named Jennie. She was an ordinary toy and she had a best friend and a pet just like any other toy. Her pet was a pink cat named Julie, and her best friendís name was Jessica.



But one day something happened, something that changed Jennieís life from ordinary to heroic. Lisa and Lissaís black dog Larry attacked Julie. Even Jessica was as sacred as Lisa and Lissa to fight back. But not Jennie. She was an animal expert. She held up a dog treat and called sweetly ďLarry, Larry come here for I have a treat for you ď. At once the dog came running. Everybody hugged the princess. Especially Emily, Ella, Elora, (the bosses),Lisa,  Lissa, Jessica & Julie.


The End



The Beauty Doll




Once upon a time a doll fair took place. Lots of girls went. Here are some of their names: Betty, Mary, Julie, Katie, Jessie, Violet, Kate, Annie, Ann, Anna, Annabelle, Melissa, Marissa, Claudia, Sarah, Sara, Amanda, Justine, Jessica, Jennie, Alice,  Lucy , Lisa, Cara, Emily, and Ella. There were notices in the newspaper.




   Every girl returned home with at least one doll. But Cara, who was a doll lover, had the most dolls. She had 10 dolls now! She had brought 5 dolls! There names were: Melissa, Marissa, Denise, Lisa , and Jane.






      One night Lisa began bragging that she was the most beautiful doll in the nursery. She told all the other dolls including Cindy, Elizabeth, Bonnie, Lizzy, and Jennie.







But everybody knew that Cara thought Bonnie was the prettiest. Soon they decided to have an election for the prettiest doll. But you could not vote for yourself. Every doll began to get the things they would need to advertise. Lizzy did ballet, Bonnie gave everybody wonderful presents, Elizabeth gave everybody soft, comfy cushions, Jennie gave everybody velvet purses with 50 dollars in each, Cindy gave everybody dresses, Lisa gave everybody crystal balls with golden bows on top. Jane gave everybody dresses with fur trims. Melissa gave everybody wands that granted wishes, Marissa gave everybody crowns, and Denise gave everybody winter dresses.




                 After they all voted, it was decided that Bonnie was the prettiest and so she was their queen.

The End





Maheen Jeddy

Maheen Jeddy was born in 1995. She is in Matsumoto School in IIIrd grade. You can come to her house on her birthday on Oct. 26 of every year. You can bring her some nice presents especially Barbie dolls and Myscene Delancey Jamminí in Jamacai.


Her kid botherís name is Daniyal and her kid sisterís name is Mehreen. The picture here shows them all.


Maheen loves to write stories. Please wait to see her newer stories which she will again write later.


Her kid botherís name is Daniyal and her kid sisterís name is Mehreen. The picture here shows them all.


Maheen loves to write stories. Please wait to see her newer stories which she will again write later.




Posted at 10:45 pm by zjeddy